Kinds of Wood and Their Value

There are many kinds of wood used in furniture making. Over the years, preferences for wood have changed and varied. However, there are some basic woods that have maintained their popularity since colonial times and continue to be used in furniture making today. Many times, when considering antique furniture, the wood type, among other things, [...]

Furniture Makers of the 1700s

The 1700s are often referred to as the “Golden Age” of English furniture making. In fact, even today, many antique furniture markets throughout the U.S. feature pieces made during this crucial century in design history. These pieces — often constructed from what was then a newly available wood, mahogany — frequently serve as family heirlooms, [...]

How Antique Furniture Restoration can Preserve Family History

Furniture is one of the most concrete ways to pass down a family's history.  Whether purchased locally or abroad, our furniture enriched the rooms and lives of our ancestors.  The stories these antiques carry with them transform them into precious relics that tie us back to our family’s roots.  Preserving inherited antiques nourishes our connection [...]

5 Reasons to Prolong the Life of your Antique Furniture

Imagine: Your mother gives you a piece of furniture that she got from her great grandmother, but either it doesn’t match your home décor or you don’t have room for it.  You consider putting it on the curb at your next yard sale, but you’re afraid that your ancestors will roll over in their grave. [...]

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