Restore and Increase the Value of Your Antique, Oak Wood Bookshelf without Stripping It

Stripping—it’s just a part of restoring wood furniture, right? Not necessarily. While there may be cases where stripping is needed to properly restore a piece of furniture, it will not be needed in all cases. Whether you are looking to fix up your latest find or keep a family heirloom looking great, you can restore [...]

Best 3 Methods for Finishing an Old Wooden Dining Room Table and Chairs

So, you have an old wooden dining room table and chairs that has seen better days. Maybe it is a family heirloom, or perhaps you just found it and felt it was a great deal. No matter how you came to own this piece, you now want to make it look its best. Determine if [...]

How and When to Restore Metal Furniture

You’ve uncovered a rusty old piece of metal furniture, but can look beyond its worn exterior, realizing it has the potential to become a beautiful piece with time and attention. If you are considering a refurbishing project such as this, keep in mind that restoring metal furniture is an option with several factors to consider. [...]

When Restoring Furniture, Should I Paint (or Repaint)?

So after scouring endless garage sales, online ads, and/or auction houses, you have found the one! That one piece of antique furniture that makes your heart pitter-patter. Maybe it’s in pretty great condition, or maybe you plan on investing some time in restoring the piece. If so, there is one question you need to ask [...]

What Brand Names of Furniture can I look for from Previous Centuries?

When you’re thinking of furnishing your home with antiques, depending on the style of your home and your budget, you can go as far back as early Tudor, dating to The 16th century or as recent as the 20th century, which are also considered to be antiques. Your furniture says a lot about you, whether [...]

When To Refinish and When Not To

On the fence about whether or not to refinish a piece of furniture? This is a difficult decision-making process when considering the value that antique furniture may have. It’s important to make the right decision to protect your piece and its value. Below, see the steps for how to make your decision: Discover the clues [...]

How Long Will Your Upholstery Last?

Upholstered furniture can help make any room in your home achieve the ideal style you are aiming for – classic, modern, colorful, relaxed, or inviting. There are so many important factors to consider when purchasing a new piece of upholstered furniture, but the two most important factors for most individuals are quality and budget. You [...]