Painted Furniture Peeling: Problems and Solutions

What is a cheap and easy way to transform a piece of furniture that has great bones but a not-so-great surface? Paint! Not only is it a great way to hide flaws, but it also allows you to express your style and personality in fun and creative ways. But it is common for painted furniture [...]

Why You Should Never Use Rubbing Alcohol on Wood Furniture

When you walk through the cleaning aisle at your local store and look at the cleaning products, you no doubt notice that the ingredients lists are miles long, featuring chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. As with our food, many people are moving towards simpler cleaning products with minimal ingredients, doing so in the name [...]

Crucial Care Tips for Your High Gloss Furniture

Quality high gloss furniture can last for generations, making it a wise investment. It has a timeless yet sleek and modern appeal. It creates a big impact on any room, brings a sense of space and light, and reflects eternal beauty. The distinctive appearance of high gloss furniture is pleasing to the eyes, but some [...]

Which Types of Vintage Furniture are the Most Valuable?

Whether you’ve got some vintage furniture lying around or you’re an estate sale/thrift shopping enthusiast looking for good deals, you need to know which types of vintage furniture are the most valuable. There are many ways to tell whether or not a piece of furniture counts as vintage or antique. Ultimately, an appraiser or other [...]

Simple Steps for Restoring Sun-Faded Furniture

Most furniture will experience some fading over time. In part, this is due to age, but sun exposure accelerates this fading. In some cases, this fading can make the furniture more attractive and add to its antique feel. In other cases, the fading goes too far or is uneven, making the piece appear damaged rather [...]

After the Flood – Simple Ways You Can Salvage Your Furniture

A flood can be devastating. Whether a few inches of water filled your home or the flood was on a large scale, filling your home, once you’re back, you’re faced with the task of salvaging. The good news is that most solid wood furniture can be salvaged after water damage. Here are some simple steps [...]

5 Important Steps to Know When Reupholstering Old, Tufted Living Room Accent Chairs

Tufting is a furniture upholstering technique that uses a combination of threading and the placement of knots or buttons to create patterned clusters (i.e., tufts) in fabric or leather. This technique, popular for centuries, adds a prized note of distinction to chairs, sofas, ottomans and many other types of furniture. However, it can also make [...]

Preserving History: Your English Hairdressing Table Requires Special Care During Restoration

When it comes to restoring antique furniture, great care should always be taken throughout the process. However, some pieces require greater care than others simply because they are so incredibly rare. While most homes had dining tables, making them quite common in the antique world, few homes had hairdressing tables; as such, they are a [...]

Top 3 Walnut Wood Furniture Cleaners and Restorers That Maintain Classic Beauty

When it comes to caring for walnut wood furniture, you don’t want to risk using cleaners and restorers that are too harsh; doing so could damage the furniture and lower its value. At the same time, you want to find a cleaner or restorer that will do its job. It isn’t always easy to strike [...]

Top 3 Methods to Identify the Age of Your Antique Victorian Dresser Before Restoring Its Value

The Victorian era spanned most of the 19th century, from 1830 to 1901. This means that furniture from this storied time period may differ in age by as much as 70 years. If you’re about to send your antique Victorian dresser out for restoration work, you may want to know whether it dates from the [...]